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About Dr. Vijay Sarvotham

Improper Lifestyles and poor postures would largely contribute to the deterioration of the most vital component of our system - the Spine. Everyone from common man, corporate head honchos to celebrities are prone to this problem.

Fifty year old Sunaina was already a certified candidate for correctional spine surgery; consultants and medical reports told her that surgery is the only option. She had carried a back problem for far too long, twenty years and finally her body had succumbed to the pressures. She made a few calls, did some browsing for a holistic zero side effects cure and only one name popped up, Dr. Vijay Sarvotham’s non-invasive Spine Care center.

Dr. Vijay Sarvotham is a Spine care expert who works on a holistic cure for all spine problems. A specialist in non-intrusive methodology of treatment that urges the body to respond and heal itself with absolutely no side effect.

"Movements, which are taken for granted, is the most impaired during spinal conditions. When people enter the clinic on all fours, you know the case is complicated. It’s all about the right prognosis, the treatment is about;a little patience, time and following some basic rules. When my patients recover and run up the stairs to see me, it makes my day ",says Dr. Vijay Sarvotham with a glint in his eyes.

Dr.Vijay’s time tested technique is perfected using a therapy of muscle relaxation(Jabs as Dr Vijay puts it), which promises no surgery. Many of his patients now lead normal lifestyle enjoying regular morning walks, playing with children, sports and holiday trips etc... Dr Vijay calls this method non-invasive therapy "Acu-Cranio" which is a hands-on process that provides muscular adjustments along the spine and extremities, using trigger point release, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching and myofascial release technique (MRT).

Dr Vijay Sarvotham's Bangalore based family is renowned in the field of acupressure since 1982. He has been trained with the skill of acupressure from India, Singapore and Cranio-Sacral therapy from Switzerland. Dr Vijay is one of the most renowned experts not just in Bangalore but also has patients from across the country and out. Patients from the length and breadth of India & outside consults Dr.Vijay to get holistic relief from spinal aches and pains caused due to chronic or acute disc ailments of the spine (neck & Back). Various prestigious media houses have covered Dr Vijay and the improved quality of lifestyle he has provided to so many patients. Along with treatment Dr.Vijay actively tries to educate on the "best practices" for spine care.

People successfully treated by Dr Vijay Sarvotham include the entire spectrum; the Former President, Prime Minister of India, and various politicians, business tycoons, film actors, sports personalities.

What patients say About Dr. Sarvotham

  • author-22

    The best part of this treatment is that there is no side effect. From past 5 years I was suffering from frequent attacks of Migraine, stiff neck and shoulder pain. I tried many treatments like Allopathic, homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments but all gave only temporary relief. Migraine attack has not occurred since I got treated from Dr. Vijay Sarvotham, neck & shoulder pain has been disappeared.

  • author-11

    Acupressure treatment is the right treatment for ailments like Neck Pain, Back pain etc I had severe pain in my neck region and numbness on my right thumb. First I took traction then I came to Dr.Sarvotham after which I got rid of numbness completely and the pain got better, it has helped me to get back to my work quickly with confidence.