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About Vijay Sarvotham

Improper lifestyles and poor postures largely contribute to the deterioration of the most vital component of our system - the Spine. Everyone from the common man to corporate head honchos to celebrities are prone to this problem.

I hail from the IT capital Bangalore, Karnataka, and am a non-invasive Spine care expert, trained in Singapore (Acupressure) and Switzerland (CST). I was privileged to receive comprehensive skills and training from my father, a living legend in the field of Acupressure.

I have named my technique Acu-Cranio - a time tested therapy since 1999 - a perfect therapy for muscle relaxation which promotes a quick healing process in spinal disc ailments.

Movements, which are taken for granted, are the most impaired during spinal conditions. When people enter my clinic in great discomfort and with low mobility, and even if the case is complicated, most of them do extremely well with Acu-Cranio therapy. And when I see them recover and run up the stairs, it makes my day.

Acu-Cranio is most beneficial for individuals suffering from spinal disc ailments either in the neck (cervical), mid back (thoracic) and low back (lumbar). The conditions are usually described as bulging, protruded, herniated, extruded disc, coccyx pain, or as a slipped disc for the common mans understanding

Neck Pain (cervical) disc conditions can be stiffness in the neck region, radiating pain in the arms, giddiness, etc...
Mid Back Pain (thoracic) disc condition can be localized pain and radiating pain towards the ribs, etc...
Low Back Pain (lumbar) disc condition can be pain in the lower back, radiating pain into the legs, etc... most commonly called sciatica.
Coccyx Pain can be pain in the bottom especially while sitting and getting up, etc...

I also treat 'mothers-to-be' with the above conditions. Obstetricians across the country have acknowledged it as a safe therapy during pregnancy.

Acu-Cranio Therapy is designed and dedicated only for spinal disc ailments and it urges the body to respond and heal itself with absolutely nil side effect.

Acu is derived from acupressure and Cranio from Cranio sacral therapy - both these amazing techniques are used in combination.

My non-invasive Acu-Cranio therapy has saved many people from undergoing a spine surgery . And I have successfully treated individuals from within the country and across the globe including Former President, Prime Minister of India, and various politicians, business tycoons, film actors, sports personalities, etc....

Acu – Cranio Disclaimer
The word Acu–Cranio is a non-existent & non-dictionary word and it is coined by Vijay Sarvotham. Acu-Cranio is derived from two therapies Acu id derived from Acupressure and Cranio from Cranio Sacral therapy and started to popularize Acu-Cranio since 1999/2000 by Vijay Sarvotham. Acu–Cranio is a Holistic Non-Invasive Spine Specialty therapy is not a formal education nor taught and found anywhere. Acu-Cranio is trademarked and has copyright, illegal usage of the same will attract legal implications.Acu – Cranio Disclaimer

What patients say About Sarvotham

  • author-22

    The best part of this treatment is that there is no side effect. From past 5 years I was suffering from frequent attacks of Migraine, stiff neck and shoulder pain. I tried many treatments like Allopathic, homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments but all gave only temporary relief. Migraine attack has not occurred since I got treated from Vijay Sarvotham, neck & shoulder pain has been disappeared.

  • author-11

    Acupressure treatment is the right treatment for ailments like Neck Pain, Back pain etc I had severe pain in my neck region and numbness on my right thumb. First I took traction then I came to Sarvotham after which I got rid of numbness completely and the pain got better, it has helped me to get back to my work quickly with confidence.