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1. Acupressure treatment is the right treatment for ailments like Neck Pain, Back pain etc I had severe pain in my neck region and numbness on my right thumb. First I took traction then I came to Sarvotham after which I got rid of numbness completely and the pain got better, it has helped me to get back to my work quickly with confidence.

Samuel Rajasingh

2. Acupressure & Carniosacral therapy is a very positive treatment, makes the patient feel at ease and quick. I had stiffness on the lower back/hip. Previously I consulted an orthopaedic he suggested ultra sound treatment for 15 days. It was a pretty slow recovery and time consuming. Than a friend of mine informed me about Vijay Sarvotham, 10-12 settings of half an hour each session is all that it took I am fully relieved of back pain without doubt. The treatment is excellent; I am very satisfied & convinced.

Arvind Mishra

3. Vijay’s Acu-Cranio a successful treatment for leg & lower back pain I was facing slip disc problem, Pain in my left leg and lower back. On the basis of the MRI report surgery was advised. Being not very sure about the success rate of surgery, I opted for Acu-Cranio. I came to know about Sarvotham through internet, when I first met him; he never told that “Lets Hope for Best” or “I shall try my best” He told me that I would be cured within a month. His words reduced my pain by 20% rest 80% his fingers are taking care off. Within 3 weeks my pain is 50% less.

Arindam Ghosh

4. It feels good to have got the treatment done I had spondylosis, lower back pain, sciatic pain and spells of dizziness. I was undergoing Allopathic treatment. But it has not done any good, through my brother-in-law his patient I heard about him. After 1st setting the spells of dizziness has not felt and after the rest taken in the night I feel fresh to face the new day.


5.It is simple & effective. I was severely suffering from sciatica for about a month and was being treated by Allopathic & Homeopathy but of no result. I was informed by one of my friends about Vijay Sarvotham & Carniosacral therapy. Yes, after I was treated by him I got cured about 80%. Initially I was not able to stand or walk, it was paining severely and after acupressure treatment I am much better now.

Dilip Ranjan Sircar

6.Excellent treatment Having undergone almost all the treatment like Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic & Yoga, I can say that do not except any miracles from any treatment. Each treatment has its advantages and limitations. Acupressure & Carniosacral therapy by Vijay Sarvotham for spinal problem is really good. Every one suffering from spinal problem should undergo this and he is a professional.

Prof. A.N. Parameswaran

7. The best part of this treatment is that there is no side effect. From past 5 years I was suffering from frequent attacks of Migraine, stiff neck and shoulder pain. I tried many treatments like Allopathic, homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments but all gave only temporary relief. Migraine attack has not occurred since I got treated from Vijay Sarvotham, neck & shoulder pain has been disappeared.

Sunitha prakash

8. Magic fingers I had disc problem, from March 2007 and I took ayurvedic treatment which made me half way through the course, but I got rid of my 100% pain after undergoing 'Acu-Cranio' treatment with Vijay Sarvotham near Ulsoor. He not only treats but he really serves the patient with his magic fingers.

Srinivasa Raghavan

9.Excellent & good relief I heard about him through my father-in-law. Had a severe neck sprain problem, Aggravated to back problem suffered for 3 days. Sarvotham Acupressure & Carniosacral therapy has definitely made good since immediately after the treatment. I always get a good night’s sleep. It has been almost two months and I have actually felt a tremendous relief from all pains/sprains. Had no previous treatment/ procedures, fortunately this acupressure has been only first & last which has done good to me.

NirmalaI Yer

10. Thank you Vijay Sarvotham I had severe muscular spasm on my right leg. I heard about him through my friends. Vijay’s 'Acu-Cranio' treatment has helped me immensely and I am relieved of that ailment. I am able to do my day to day activities without any problem. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Beela Varghese

11. Vijay Sarvotham a wonderful person I have met in Bangalore. I got to know about him from my neighbour at Hutchin’s road Mr. Khans. I met his father at Jayanagar and he suggested I visit Vijay since he would be nearer. I have been taking his “Musical Finger Touching” since Dec 2005 and after taking his sessions for 4-5 months I got relieved from both my cervical and lumbar spondilites. Now I visit him once in 6 months. I must add here that Vijay has been a great moral support for me when I first came to Bangalore in 2005. He is one of the most wonderful person I have met in Bangalore, warm, witty sometimes “WHACKY” to distress you! I wish him a very successful life more to come.

Aruna Gohil

12. I had back pain with dizziness due to slip disc. It is advised to go for operation by orthopaedics, but without doing operation the back pain and dizziness reduced after 'Acu-Cranio' treatment done by Vijay Sarvotham.

Stella Merly

13.'Acu-Cranio' very effective & positive treatment. I went through physiotherapy at Manipal hospital for my lower back pain but the recovery was very slow. My colleague recommended me to visit Vijay Sarvotham for Acupressure treatment now I am completely out of my back pain. I feel very comfortable, Thanks, to the Therapist.

GSS Sarma

14. Magic in his fingers Through my friends I heard about Sarvotham he made me alright from my back pain with his magic fingers. There are no words to say thanks to him.

Mamta Rani

15. Thankful for his valuable treatment I came in contact with Sarvotham approximately 6-7yrs back; read about him in the newspaper. I have severe back ache (recurring) problem which is relieved when I take his Acupressure & Carniosacral therapy. I have been to orthopaedics before but it was of no use but Sarvotham’s treatment was effective and over this period of 6-7yrs I have taken his treatment and it has always helped me. I am thankful to him for this valuable treatment which he gives me.

Ishba Khan

16.I read about Sarvotham’s on internet. I was suffering from acute slip disc. My orthopaedic has recommended complete bed rest for long time & if it doesn’t help then suggested for surgery after 5 weeks of rest. Sarvotham Acupressure & Carniosacral helped me a lot. It relieved my pain in 3-4 weeks time & numbness from foot is gone in 8 weeks time. Vijay Sarvotham’s Acupressure is highly effective & cured me completely.

Mahendra Gupta

17.A simple painless treatment non-dependent on “Pain killers” My RH cold shoulder was causing pain / restriction of hand movement for the past 4 months. Two one week sessions of physiotherapy provided only marginal relief. After Acupressure treatment there was a tremendous relief from pain / latter mobility of the arm and more importantly, possible prevention of Left cold shoulder. I could find relief within one week itself


18.Simple but effective My disc prolapsed (L4-S1). I was to be operated, came back from operation table without undergoing the operation as my BP and Pulse went down dangerously. Then I heard about acupressure treatment, this treatment has helped me to come out of trauma especially due to magic hand of Vijay Sarvotham. It has eradicated the pain within a week, which was unbearable.

Tarachand Prasad

19. Best thing is that it is natural / pain free / no side effect My neck & back was paining very badly I wanted to prevent further degradation. So I went for 'Acu-Cranio' treatment. After the treatment by Vijay I feel like my back pain has been disappeared. The general well being lasts 1-2 weeks after few sittings only.


20.Vijay Sarvotham’s acupressure treatment is really great I was unable to walk properly. There was severe pain in my left leg & back. Before coming to Vijay’s clinic I had visited 3 doctors. 1st they referred for me for physiotherapy treatment after that they referred me for operation. Now without taking any medicines, with only Acupressure treatment by Vijay I am able to walk properly without pain. Really he has done a magic without any medicine.


21. I had visited Sarvotham with a severe back problem and under tremendous pain and stress. I could hardly walk. His treatment made a great improvement to my lifestyle. I feel much better, after more than 120 sittings with him and I am now able to lead a normal life. He was frank, forthright and sincere and by his treatment I am immediately relieved.


22.They say when all the doors are closed god opens a “window”. They say every dark cloud has a “silver lining”. They say when you are against the wall and have no answer, pray and god will send you an “answer”. Today I just want you to know that “you are my window, you are my silver lining and you are my answer” Thank you Vijay Sarvotham for sharing your healing touch with me, Thank you for not letting Manipal Hospital cut me up “You’re the Best” Thank you, God bless you & your family.


23.I had slipped disc (4th/5th) and RSI (right hand). I have undergone many treatments but no relief at all. Then I heard about Vijay Sarvotham via word of mouth from my family members who had also undergone treatment from him. His diagnosis is excellent! He accurately defined the treatment for me. Before I have undergone treatments like PT, MT and TENS none of which have helped like Vijay’s acupressure. His specialist method has helped me understand what I need to do change and make my body pain free.

Elizabeth Thomas

24. I had a very bad back ache. All big doctors – the most famous one’s advised me for surgery & blamed my overweight (135 kg) as the cause for my back ache. But Vijay Sarvotham cured it with his magical blessed fingers. Sarvotham’s clinic is a temple and Vijay is a living visible god. Vijay is a blessing for the people suffering from pain. God bless him & give him a very long life to eradicate the word pain.

Sudhir Kumar Agarwal

25. I read in a newspaper about the Therapist. I had cervical spondylosis, I found great relief with the treatment without any drugs or medicines. I am visiting Therapist since 6yrs, in the beginning I came for 40 sittings daily. But now I come once in a while, when I get neck pain or get any stiffness in my neck and shoulder. I feel he is "The Best Therapist with Magic in His Hands."

Kanthi Prakash

26.I had severe back pain, 2yrs of Allopathic treatment did not help. After getting treatment from Vijay Sarvotham, I have been able to walk straight and am also relieved from pain. Things have improved progressively over a series of Sittings. I would unhesitatingly recommend Vijay magic fingers to others looking at Acupressure or Acu-Carnio.

Mrs. Mayuri Parameshwaran

27. I have severe back & neck pain for a very long time (about 10yrs). I consulted many doctors in Chennai and I had so many kinds of treatments like traction, Physiotherapy & electric treatment but the pain was there. When I was travelling from Chennai to Bangalore by train I heard about Vijay Sarvotham from a Co-passenger. Now after his treatment I am entirely free of my back pain & neck pain. I am fully satisfied Thanks to Vijay Sarvotham


28. My sister was suffering from lower back pain, 90% of her pain had been cured by Vijay Sarvotham. And I had a problem of Spondylosis had been referred by her to visit him. I came here and it was cured fully. So many thanks to Vijay Sarvotham and I recommended him to 4 - 5 people for which they are also satisfied and many wishes to Vijay Sarvotham

G. Ramshekar

29. I had a back ache and burning sensation in my feet. And I realized that 'Acu-Cranio' therapy does work when I had various sessions with Vijay Sarvotham. He is one of the best therapists in the field of acupressure.

Seema Jain

30. My nephew Balu from the Navy told me how he had cured by Vijay Sarvotham. I had a very painful back so I took treatment from him. Previously I used to apply some balm which did not help only his treatment relieves me from the pain.


31. I had a cervical spondylosis (C3 – C4) and Lumbar Spondylosis (L3-L4) for which he successfully treated me when other orthopaedic failed. Now after finishing all the sittings from him I could lead a normal life without any pain. Thanks to Vijay Sarvotham


32. After taking treatment from Vijay Sarvotham feel 90% better. This is the most successful treatment I have received. I can’t seem to remember my life without pain until his Acupressure treatment.

Virender Gill